10 Jan 2019

Da Vision gives Teeth of the Sea's WRAITH a 9/10 review

They say:

Teeth Of The Sea - WRAITH 
Rate: (9/10) ********

Ghosts, in which I want to believe
These people are created in order not only to surprise, but to disperse your ideas about the framework, genre accessories and any restrictions in the work. The previous album “ Highly Deadly Black Tarantula ” easily and confidently carried out the brain in 2015, and now they returned with a sequel that sounds different, but no less cool!

The last few days in the facebook community posted pictures with characters that eventually formed into the word “WRAITH”, but “what is this?”, “Where and when to wait” - no details, just the signature “Incoming-”. Naturally, it was impossible not to roll out the lip on a new release, but the fact that it will appear like that in the middle of the week, and even with the publication date of February 2019 (maybe another error on the service) - something is wrong with these guys: “And what about marketing? And they do not care. That is why, when the letter “New release from Teeth Of The Sea” was found in the mail, it was impossible to wait a second. (Update from the editors: due to an error of the bandcamp service, the entire album was downloaded, the release will take place in February)...

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