3 Jan 2019

Download/stream FREE MIEN remix of Echolalia

To celebrate the start of a new year we are giving away a brand new remix by AE Hutch and the Bad Producer of MIEN's track Echolalia. Listen or download for FREE above.

The original of Echolalia can be found on MIEN's stunning debut S/T album which can be bought from here: Bandcamp

About the remixers:
AE Hutch and The Bad Producer met in a dead end London job and bonded over a mutual fascination with B-stock dub, cosmic popcorn disco and acid house. For the next decade the pair have collaborated on each other’s projects but never fully committed to a record written together. Their first album 'Tick Tock...' will arrive early in 2019 – it is a wonky concoction of post punk disco acid emerging from the circuits of Loudest Warning modular synths and AE hutch’s hypnotic song writing.

AE Hutch is and has been: 
Cyclones, Muscleheads, Knives Ov Resistance, First Sight Of Land 

The Bad Producer is and has been: 
Loudest Warning, Solina Hi-Fi, Ranking Fablon, Drette and Zombienator.