8 Jan 2019

Psych Insight reviews Teeth of the Sea's forthcoming album WRAITH

They say:

I think that it is fair to say that Teeth of the Sea (TOTS) are one of my ‘goto’ groups, and if you look at a list of such bands they all have one thing in common: constant evolution and innovation. I am fairly restless when it comes to my musical taste… I do not stay still… I am always looking for the next thing to excite me… the status quo is not an option.

It is this restlessness that meant that the imminent arrival of a new TOTS album is one of my most anticipated musical events of 2019. This was heralded at one of my musical highlights of 2018, when TOTS performed a blistering performance at the event celebrating 20 years of Rocket Recordings back in March. It was a set, as far as I remember, of new music… music which has informed this album.

So it’s been almost a year now and the question is, has all that suspense been worth it? Have TOTS produced yet another different but TOTS-like album? Read on to find out.

Before that though I am going to briefly go back to the band’s previous release, ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula‘, which was stark and unyielding, yet with a fragile undercurrent which gave it depth and meaning. It was a massive brutalist concrete edifice which was, on occasion, afforded some very delicately carved stone-work...

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