4 May 2018

The Quietus reviews WRONG Festival

They say:

That said, there are some imposing forces from outside this bubble that have descended on the city with more nefarious intent. GNOD on the main stage are followed by Hey Colossus at North Shore followed by Damo Suzuki with Mugstar back around the corner. Each of these three bands offers nought but utter annihilation, most notably the first. GNOD’s show kicks off their current tour in support of Chapel Perilous, and sees this most amorphous of bands mutate into something – even by their own standards – that’s gruesome indeed. They’re in cantankerous mood and colossal form, heaving their way through the likes of their new fifteen-minute megalith ‘Donovan’s Daughters’ and last year’s ‘Bodies For Nothing’ with a tidal wave of power and an air of intense and unrelenting claustrophobia.

Afterwards Hey Colossus are more pinpoint in their intensity, and bring an enormous crowd to the North Shore Troubadour where frontman Paul Sykes looms atop them like an admiral. The band revel in depths of moody, towering darkness before jolting forth from the gloom with magnetic power, Sykes’ foot stamped atop a barrier that careens and buckles under his strength. Back on the main stage straight after they finish, Suzuki and Mugstar have already begun a mystic, heavy weave of their own. At times it’s dense to the point of unfathomable, at others it’s breathtakingly concentrated, but the former Can frontman guides them with supernatural power, his tiny frame casting an unshakable spell over the largest crowd of the night...

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