1 May 2018

Electrophone Review GNOD Chapel Perilous

Electrophone review GNOD 'Chapel Perilous':

It roughly translates:

......The album opens on the massive 'Donovan's Daughters' (15 minutes). The rhythmic, first imposed by short and dry guitar sounds, is double and hypnotic, to snatch us from the start ... and train us. The piece is enriched layer by layer, adding more and more subtleties and sounds, rhythms, melodies, until we lose in confusion and all that is only parts multiplied to infinity ... but which remains very coherent. And suddenly, the whole thing is suddenly purified and leaves us in an anxious expectation. The voice of Paddy Shine at first aggressive, but the sound rather classic dissolves ... and gives way to whispers of men, women, who take more and more space. Sort of strange parenthesis in the middle of the song ... Before the heavy guitars, brutality, distortion, punk, energy, the aggressiveness of singing do not take over for a final particularly orgasmic....

.....In the end, it is more of a post-industrial futuristic dystopia that Gnod offers us with their perilous chapel, and not a mythical pre-averenne story. There is nothing marvelous or glorious here. There is however a disc very subtle, intense, destabilizing, intimidating, elusive, surprising. Gnod ventures on tortuous paths again and again, ventures into daring and bold musical exploration, takes us into unexplored territories, where we ourselves come to live a dark, transcendental, and oh so revealing, mystical experience. innovative.

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