8 May 2018

Terrascope reviews Bonnacons of Doom album

They say:

Decked out in black robes and masked by what look suspiciously like stock pot lids with the handles removed, Liverpool-based shadowy so-and-sos Bonnacons of Doom make for an imposing and ritualistic spectacle. Theirs is a shifting membership based around a mysterious core, which includes polymath Jason Stoll who can list the God Unknown label, Sex Swing and formerly Mugstar among his impressive CV. Theirs has been a slow march to centre stage, as, other than a couple of singles on God Unknown, this is their much anticipated, some might venture long overdue debut. 

It’s the presence of Kate Smith that helps make them such an exceptional band. Her diminutive but expressive stage presence provides a focal point for the band’s Hammer House of Horror persona. She also packs a considerable vocal punch. Witness opening salvo ‘Solus’ (the titles are all one word and all hint at esoteric sacrament). There aren’t too many albums of this ilk that commence with unaccompanied ululation. It commands your attention and holds it, vice-like. Now depending on where and on what you stand you’ll be either dismayed or downright relieved that Kate doesn’t give full vent to her inner Yoko. Instead an execution drum beat pierces the ether and the vocal yelps relent to more soothing crooning until the trap door spring opens and all hell spews forth, a pulverising invocation around which Smith vocally bobs, weaves and contorts...

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