31 May 2018

Rocket Probes – May playlist

Lay Llamas – Altair
(Third single from the forthcoming album 'Thuban' features GOATshee on vocals)

Bong – Thought and Existence
(All hail Bong...we love this band!)

Zohastre – Pan And The Master Pipers
(New album by 2/3 of H.U.M)

Exorsist Gbg - Pusher
(Cosmic disco from Gothenburg on Höga Nord)
Exorsist Gbg

Battiato – Sulle Corde Di Aries
(How did we not know this album!! Thanks to Flowers Must Die's Rickard for putting that right)

Pharaoh Overlord - Zero
(Extremely good and fun new album...includes a great cover of Spacemen 3's Revolution)
Pharaoh Overlord

Embryo – Africa
(Afro kraut jazz from '85 that Lay Llamas brought to our attention)

Warren Schoenbright – Subtropical
(Real nice repetitive sludge on Hominid Sounds)
Warren Schoenbright

Iku Sakan – Prism In Us All
(More great minimalist repetition)
Iku Sakan

Pentagram – Relentless
(Killer riff)

Francis The Great - Look Up In The Sky
(Great Afro-funk groove)
Francis The Great

Die Wilde Jagd – Stangentanz
(Sounds like a Goat remix)
Die Wilde Jagd 

Henrik Rylander – 2-7-4-8-8-2
(Fuzzy grooved weirdness on Höga Nord)
Henrik Rylander

Shimshon Miel - Amsterdam Experience
(Nice reissue of avant repetitious groove)
Shimshon Miel

Kraftwerk – HR1 Frankfurt Radio Concert 25 January 1974
(Thanks to Dave C for turning us onto this)
Download from here: Kraftwerk 

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