15 May 2018

Soundblab reviews Bonnacons of Doom's debut album

They say:

Bonnacons of Doom are a collective, mainly based in Liverpool. They include members of Mugstar, Jarvis Cocker’s band and Youthmovies. This is their debut album and it was recorded, mostly in single takes, with MJ from Hookworms at his Suburban Home studio.

Solus starts with quiet electronic noise and singer Kate gasping ‘I’ before a heavy bass drone and primitive drum beat come in. On a second track Kate begins a wordless, meandering vocal. Her voice, high and pure, cuts through the under-lying miasma without difficulty. Three minutes in and two incredibly distorted and discordant guitars burst in (played by Rob and Dave, just first names here). Kate continues on two tracks, her voice filling out the higher space above the noise. There is a slightly occult, witchy atmosphere here that will continue throughout the album....

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