9 May 2018

New Commute reviews Lay Llamas album 'Thuban'

Early review here:

Lay Llamas take cosmic psychedelia to new heights both literally and sonically. The title for their latest record Thuban is borrowed from Arabic for the word used to describe a former celestial guiding star closest to the North Pole. In pondering its galactic trajectory, it's plausible to expect it won't return to its previous location for another 20,000 Earthen revolutions. Nicola Giunta of the northern Italy kraut-psych group wonders if the inhabitants of the current age are even able to identify such a beacon or if an empyrean signal has any significance at all anymore. 

Returning with Thuban, out June 15 via Rocket Recordings, Lay Llamas have pursued their own guiding light to shepherd an unrelentingly hypnotizing version of cosmic psych and kraut that pulls in free jazzy gonzo horn squawks with motorik beats and Afrobeat rhythms.

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