14 May 2018

Psych Insight reviews Bonnacons of Doom

They say:

When I saw the Bonnacons of Doom recently I was with a group of people, some of whom had not witnessed the band’s live performance before. But although I’ve seen the band play a number of times I really struggled to put my finger on what it was that made me really like them. In the end I copped out but just saying “you’ll know when you’ve seen them”. After the gig my friends admitted that I was right, a great live band… but exactly why they couldn’t say.

This is perhaps typical of a band, most of whom wear masks that have been described as many things over the years… they look a bit like hub caps to me… and, along with the black robes, give the band a certain air of mystery and detachment. As far as I know they emerged in Liverpool and took on the mantle of being something of a ‘house band’ for the city’s Psych Fest; having played there most years; always to great acclaim...

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