22 Mar 2013

Teeth Of The Sea's present's their "Be Quiet Or Be Killed" playlist

Ahead of their performance at DRILL:LONDON this weekend (including a collaboration with Wire on Saturday night), Teeth Of The Sea have put together a post punk and beyond playlist for the Quietus to get you in the mood:

"The well-worn cliché of punk rock as a cleansing fire that destroyed all before it, for all its truth, has long also long been a retrogressive plague in its own right in musical terms, leading to just as much self-indulgent complacency as Emerson, Lake And Palmer ever contributed to recorded sound, not to mention the entire careers of timewasters like Tony Parsons. These dozen gems represent an attempt to plot a course of timeless post-punk iconoclasm that steers clear of the well-worn paths and the received wisdoms that have been perpetuated. These, still startling in 2013, are the eternal flies in the ointment..."

See the rest of this piece and full list of great tunes they have chosen here: The Quietus