7 Mar 2013

Dot's and Dashes dig's Redg Weeks mix of Goat's Run you your mama

This is what they say:

"World Music, last year’s début full-length from envelope-pushing Swede psychs Goat, was an irrefutably great album – one which is celebrated avidly even to this day, and one suspects we’ll continue to froth at the chops over it for quite some time to come. Though one of its perhaps less great moments is its shortest and indeed least substantial track, Run To Your Mama. Or rather it was, until Invada head honcho Redg Weeks got his hooves on it to deftly transmogrify into an upbeat dub throb of a thing. Its newly fabricated bass line sinewy as freshly plundered ruminant stew; its reverberant rim shots paranoiac as Anika’s besmirched reworks, Christian Johansson’s original composition gets something of a butchering and mercifully by the sounds of it, the blood spatters Weeks’ hands. For he renders it that bit more primordial still, its simian mating calls adeptly phased in and out of focus as the rejuvenated rhythm section clatters on unperturbed like a dilapidated Oriental Express beneath. Clamber aboard below…"

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