26 Mar 2013

Louder than War review of Goat's 'Run to your mama remix' 12"s

GOAT - Run To Your Mama (Redg Weeks Remix) from Makinov on Vimeo.

As everyone knows, we are releasing 2 x Ltd 12"s of remixes of Goat's track Run to your mama on Record Store Day.

The amazing Louder than War site have written a nice little review about them:

"Enigmatic Swedish band Goat release two 12 inch singles of remixes for Record Store day. Brett Savage has a listen for Louder Than War.

2012 was in many ways the year of the Goat. Not a great deal is known about this enigmatic Swedish collective, other than the fact they hail from a little town called Korpilombolo which has a population of little over 500 people, and they appear to be some reclusive voodoo sect. However, ‘World Music’ topped many an end of year poll, weaving its spell with a rather oddball take on voodoo and more importantly, a totally infectious, danceable groove. Given that the ever reliable Rocket Recordings had, completely out of nowhere, a genuine phenomenon on their hands; it was obvious there was a need to feed the Goat fan base’s growing addiction. As a limited edition for Piccadilly Record’s Album of the Year edition of ‘World Music’, Rocket Recordings assembled a veritable who’s who of contemporary psych rock’s elite to remix one of the standout tracks from the album. To serve the greater public, the Rocket boys are making this collection available over a series of 2 x12”’s for Record Store Day 2013.

West Country shoegazers Thought Forms open up the proceedings with a rather tribal take on Run to Your Mama, replete with warbles and echo, which gets the things off the ground nicely. High Wolf (who released the ace Annapurna Illusion on Rocket Recordings) creates a loopy hypnotic swirl and cosmic wash with his visionary take, whilst Invada man Redg Weeks adds post-punk/kraut clang to his. Tom Furse of The Horror’s rousing ‘extrapolation mix’ is precisely that, venturing off on a whole together rockier, Ziggy Stardust course than the original, with (presumably) leather pants, face paint and platform shoes included..."

Read the rest of the review here: Louder than War