7 Mar 2013

Glass magazine interviews Teeth of the Sea

After their amazing set supporting Savages at the Lexington on Monday, Teeth of the Sea have been interviewed by Glass magazine:

"Creeping from the from the disparate embers of a Roxy Music tribute act, barren rehearsal spaces, experiments with Rachel Stevens drum samples and a joint desire to play the Flash Gordon soundtrack in its entirety, London instrumental quartet, Teeth of the Sea – a translation from the French title of Jaws: Les Dents de la Mer – construct innately animal, avant-noise dissonance, drawing upon influences as far flung as Wolf Eyes, for their “hedonist, noisy, full on and unpretentious atmosphere” and the broader noise remit of Liars, Black Dice and Lightning Bolt. 

Later this year we’ll see a third self-produced album through the cottage-industry Rocket Records imprint and they’ll also take their ferocious cheerleading troupe on a tour of Europe. Their methodology is summed up by multi-instrumentalist Mat Colegate, who astutely puts it as “an approach of a complete and utter lack of pretention whilst still making difficult music.” Unsurprisingly, for a band with such an articulate (albeit skewed) vision, all four wax incredibly erudite about their process as Glass meet them at an east London flophouse.  

Q: Your way of making music seems pretty unfettered. Do you assign yourself  instruments or roles?

Sam Barton (mainly – but not only – trumpet): Well the plan was always to have a fairly open ended approach to that… to have delineated roles. Over time this has solidified a little bit. I originally said I’d just take my trumpet down and run it through a wah-wah pedal … Like a 70s Miles Davis...."

Read the revealing interview in full here: Glass Magazine