5 Mar 2013

March of the Fuzz

Friends of Rocket, Cardinal Fuzz have some stonking great releases on the way.

They follow up their sold out Heads LP release with a double LP version of from Scotland's Cosmic Dead's debut album. This is a great record and we emplore you all to pre-order a copy today from here before they all vanish too:

Cosmic Dead

Also in the pipeline Cardinal Fuzz are releasing a live album by 'Hills'. 'Hills' area stunning band from Sweden and have two amazing albums out already. Hills are also at present  writing/recording their third album which will be released on Rocket later in the year. But in the mean time this live album on Cardinal Fuzz should give you a good taster.

And that is not all, Cardinal Fuzz have a Dead Sea Apes/Black Tempest record lined up and a special Mugstar 12" Record Store Day release.

So show your support and buy all these great records from one of the UK's best new labels....