13 Mar 2013

Anthroprophh to play Bristol's ArcTanGent Festival

Anthroprophh has been invited to play ArcTanGent's Bristol based festival.

25 bands will be among the 80 bands performing on 4 stages at the first ever ArcTanGent. 

Joining headliners Fuck Buttons and 65daysofstatic are Thought Forms, Zun Zun Egui, The Pirate Ship Quintet, The Naturals, Deej Dariwhal, Oliver Wilde, Giant Swan, Anta, Joe Garcia, St Pierre Snake Invasion, Scarlet Racal & the TrainWreck, AnthroprophhSpectres, Hysterical Injury, Damien Schneider, RiceBeats, SJ Esau, VOSTOK, TOM BEEF (± THE MOTHER BEEF), The Dagger Brothers, Oxygen Thief, POHL, Falling Stacks, Fairhorns and Flights

Check out the rest of the line up arctangent

Tickets are available: here