3 May 2016

Ultra ltd Goat – I Sing In Silence tshirts available at this Saturday's Under the Arches

This Saturday is the return of Under the Arches, the Fuzz Club run event of label record fair and bands in London Fields Brew House

As like the last two, Rocket will be there with a stall selling all our latest releases. Though we have acquired 15 ltd edition Goat  'I Sing in Silence' tshirts. These were created by the bands Swedish label, and these will be the only shirts available in the UK – and they can only can be bought from Saturdays Under the Arches

We also plan to raid the personal archives as well and bring some Rocket rarities to sell on the day. The label fair kicks off at 2pm.

The line-up for bands playing are:
The Entrance Band, The Oscillation, Purple Heart Parade, One Unique Signal

Details of the event can be found here: Under the Arches

(Thanks to Andreas for modelling the shirt)