31 May 2016

Backseat Mafia's Psych Insight – Flowers Must Die

It reads:


It is almost a standard opening paragraph about how strong the Swedish ‘psych’ music scene is at the moment, but when you have a list of bands that includes Hills, Goat, Les Big Byrd, The Janitors, Yuri Gagarin, and numerous groups on labels such as PNKSLM it is not something that can really be ignored. I could go on but this post isn’t about them or how many of them I can think of, rather it is to say that the home of (International) Harvester seems to be an almost exhaustible progenitor of amazing freaky music.

I now need to add Sweden/London based Flowers Must Die (named after the Ash Ra Temple track) to this list. I have been listening to a couple of the band’s tracks for a while now ever since I scored a single off Rickard from the band at the Liverpool Psych Fest, one of several slabs of vinyl that are currently available (see the band’s Discogs page for a fully list of available releases)...

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