2 May 2016

Echoes and Dust reviews Gnod live in Liverpool

It reads:

The Buyers Club, Liverpool | April 30, 2016
I’ve spent the past week more or less in isolation slaving away for the biggest test of my life. The anxiety boils inside my skin like sulphuric acid eating away at me; just going the shop fills me with disdain for the recklessly ego-centric and inconsiderate moral abandon of society. Guys who go out to get “pussy”, classrooms full of students who don’t wanna learn and can’t be taught. Small units of people, fucking people, alienating each other.

Bigoted, divided, gentrified people. I take the bus and some sort of intoxicated reprobate attempts to sneak on behind, the bus sound some sort of distress signal; this guy is to fucked up and poor to take the bus so, the driver blasts a siren until the guy fucked off. A sign of the times...

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