6 May 2016

Two more impressive live reviews from Gnod's Mirror tour

Get into this:
Gnod – Buyers Club, Liverpool
In celebrating the niche, the ferocious and the shudderingly loud, Getintothis’ Paul Higham finds Gnod and Barberos at the peak of their ear-shredding powers.

Saturday evening proved a tough sell. A number of competing events, including a free show by the big impression-making Bad Breeding, coupled with the prospect of a full bank holiday of partying hard at FestEVOL on the near horizon left gig-goers at Buyers Club rather thin on the ground...

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Brighton's Finest:
Gnod - Green Door Store 
Six-piece bands and The Green Door Store strike an interesting balance, on face value, it’s an impossible task. A tiny stage, two drummers, a synth-wizard, bassist and two guitars - practically, it’s a squeeze, if you want to generate something new, original and innovative; it’s an opportunity to tamper with. So, with Paddy Shine centred in the middle of the cobbled floor, Gnod chose the latter and pulled off quite the spectacle along the way...

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