12 May 2016

The Monitors interviews Teeth of the Sea

Ahead of their Raw Power performance in a couple of weeks, The Monitors asked Teeth of the Sea some questions:

It’s that time of year again, when knobbly knees emerge from trousered legs and season-maddened bees start attacking unsuspecting flowerbeds. The sun is out and it’s officially summer, which also means it’s nearly time for the 2016 instalment of Baba Yaga’s Hut’s brain-meltingly excellent exploration of noise, Raw Power Festival.

The last two years of the Tufnell Park-based festival have been an absolute blast, with more highlights than a Camden Town hair salon, and this year’s line-up is looking to be just as good. So to celebrate its onrushing arrival we interviewed three bands, one from each of Raw Power’s three days, in order to get a flavour of what’s in store this year.

First up are Friday night highlights and returning Raw Power favourites – Teeth Of The Sea…

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