31 May 2016

Rocket probes – May playlist

Beyond the wizards sleeve - Delicious Light (Teeth of the Sea remix)
(TOTS create an ethereal industrial groove of horns and synths, taken from BTWS 'Creation' 12")
Beyond the wizards sleeve

The Myrrors – Semillas Sembradas (Optical Sounds magazine 7") 
(We love this band the more and more we hear ohem...proper grooved psych with a heavy leaning to the sounds of 70"s Sweden. Get on it!)
The Myrrors

Acidliner – Acid Church
(Great hypno-psych-acid from Hey Colossus's drummer)
Acid Liner

Brian Eno – The Ship
(Haunting new album from the mighty Eno)

Stereocilia – The Road to the Unconscious Past
(Nice psych-noise guitar and synth drones from Bristol)

Robert Aiki - Miracle Mile
​(Great long track from the album with Ariel Kalma​, Hypnotic & driving with Jazz splashes)
Robert Aiki 

Radiohead - These are my twisted words
(The new album got us relistenning to this digital only stunner of a track from 2009)

Niagara – Gibli
(Klaus Weis genius groove runs all the way through this great track)

My Bloody Valentine - Glider
​(Great EP track from MBV, usual drill of feedback ​drones)
My Bloody Valentine

Tetuan - Lame Rosse
(Great tribal groove driven Kraut / psych...from their split tape with Lay Llamas)

Pretty Things - Parachute 
​(Great production & songs, has an Abbey Road sound, probably one of our favourite 'Pop' albums from that time)
Pretty Things

Fingers - Useless Treasure

​(​Subbed Bass electronica psych)

Speedwitches – Void || Red Eyes
(Nice n'lively stoner rock from Kuala Lumpar...reminds us of the great Danava in places)

Yann Tiersen - La Dispute [3rd Eye Foundation Remix]
​(Piano led track​, just slightly haunting & filmic)
Yann Tiersen 

Earthling Society - Sweet Chariot
(Enjoyable new album ES - a smorgasburg of psych sounds)
Earthling Society

Nirvana - In Utero
(Big Nirvana fans back in the day on the back of our early Sub Pop trip, nice to come back to an album we didn't play so much at the time)

Viven Goldman - ​Resolutionary
​(Dubbed Post Punk like the Pop Group)​
Viven Goldman

​Stacian - Escapist​
​(Murky electronic synth Kraut)​

Monster Magnet - Monster Magnet
(Still sounds as great as it did when it first blew our minds back in 1990!)
The Magnet