24 Mar 2016

Rocket to release new music by Swedish psych band Flowers Must Die

We are excited to announce that Rocket will be releasing new music by the great Swedish band 'Flowers Must Die'.

The band from Linköping create great fuzzy, grooved-out, psych jams and follow in the tradition of fellow Swedish psych artists like International Harvester, Parsons Sound, Träd Gräs Och Stenar, Dungen, Hills and Goat. 

We have been fans of the band since Goat turned us on to their second album, simply called 'Second' we immediately fell in love with it's full on fuzz wah attack. 

The band already have three sold-out vinyl only LPs, a 7' a 12" on Höga Nord and several tapes under their belt. And we are really chuffed that their next record(s) are gonna be released on Rocket. The band have also informed us that they are pushing their fuzz jams out into new sonic territories with the addition of a new member, the highly talented Lisa Ekelund who used to be in the band Katla.

Jonas from the band said this:
"After several years of mostly self publishing and doing pretty much what ever we felt like, we were ready for some new challenges. So when Rocket said they really liked our previous records but heard the potential for something even greater, we naturally jumped at the chance to work with them. Especially considering their excellent track record."

More information about the forthcoming release and some planned shows will be announced in the up-and-coming months.

In the meantime, listen to the track Möt Väggen off their Second album, the track that first pricked our ears up: Flowers Must Die  (and apparently there are a few copies left)