17 Mar 2016

Louder than War gives Mirror by Gnod a 9/10 review

It reads...



GNOD release a new 4 track long player and Louder than war are suitably brutalised and traumatised. 

Even though I am a newcomer to GNOD’s music, I have been secretly stalking these art noise terrorists from afar for a while now. They have been firm fixtures at Birmingham’s fantastic Supersonic Festivals for the last few years. And have also graced the stage at its bastard son’s recent Supernormal festivals in Oxford.

At times, Salford’s GNOD have been compared to Hawkwind, Loop, Krautrock and Sunburned hand of man. But on first listen, this current full length release bears little immediate resemblance to the aforementioned to be honest. But this was maybe to be expected as their label describes the band as taking a “back to basics approach” after their last massive (in all senses of the word) long player ‘Infinity Machines’. I guess the Hawkwind comparison is because the band do have a rotating line up and are often described as a collective? And this certainly brings more comparisons to their fellow drone merchants Sunno))) with their fluid lineup and uncompromising approach to sound making...

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