28 Mar 2016

Artrocker reviews Gnod's Mirror

It reads:

It’s tough with bands like Gnod to really fully encapsulate their essence on record. However, it is fun to try and do so, and it is also fun for bands and musicians to record do the whole release thing, and have tangible reality based physical products to sell at fairs, gigs etc, and that make much less noise than an actual performance, and needs much less people to execute. So here we are, with another Gnod release.

Gnod have a lot of releases from over the last decade, today we enjoy a doomy, slow groove, sludgy release of just three tracks, and a remix. The perfect soundtrack to my painful emergence from slumber on an angry Sunday morning. Fittingly, both the tracks have biblical references. The first wastes no time in getting to the point, it’s huge and non-negotiable...

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