15 Mar 2016

London in Stereo interview Goat ahead of Field Day

It reads:


As the legends go, summers for the mysterious and heavily psychedelic masked Swedish band Goat are traditionally full of hedonistic rituals and hectic revelations. And to help fulfil their higher callings this year the band, who hail from the village of Korpilombolo, will be making the long pilgrimage south to play this year’s Field Day festival in Hackney.

The group are planning to release their motley slew of musical influences, ranging from Nigerian afrobeat to German krautrock to rare groove Anatolian funk, in Victoria Park in an attempt to make you lose your shit. Or perhaps just your mobile. Either way, it’s bound to be emotional.

Whether you like their Hawkwind-influenced straight-outta-Jaipur riffing madness or their predilection for dialling ‘F for Fantasy’ it makes no difference. These dudes can get heavy and know how to rock. Which makes their hallucinatory cultish celebration of guitar music’s diverse manifestations one not to miss....

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