29 Mar 2016

GNOD - Mirror Video & Noisey Interview

GNOD - Noisey - Interview

Over the past few years, Gnod have steadily emerged as one of the most captivating underground acts in the UK. Vehemently averse to stagnation, their sonic experiments veer from Hawkwind-like space rock to homebrewed industrial techno, incorporating virtually everything in between. In 2015, they released the critically-acclaimed triple-LP Infinity Machines, a psych-jazz bad trip of Herculean proportions. Naturally, their new record mixes things up again.

Recorded in the wake of the UK’s general election of May 2015, in which the pro-austerity centre-right Conservative Party won a working majority, Mirror consists of three long tracks of effects-laden dystopian sludge-rock, and is slated for an April 1 release. Often described as a "collective" due to the number of musicians who pass in and out of its ranks—41 to date—Gnod’s four main members are Paddy Shine, Chris Haslam, Marlene Ribeiro, and
Alex Macarte.

Speaking via Skype from their base at the Islington Mill arts hub in Salford, Greater Manchester, Paddy and Chris chatted to Noisey about mixing things up, Michael Jackson, and the ultimate dream of running a café.

Read the interview & watch the Mirror Video here: noisey.vice