12 Dec 2015

Five Rocket albums in Soundblabs Top 10s of the year

This is what they say:

Steve Reynolds put:

2.   Teeth Of The Sea - Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
An album with only six tracks on it has to be good to resonate and feature in an end of year top ten.  This does it effortlessly. The pulsating dark slabs of electronica at times recall Cure era 'Pornography' but its overarching gloom is simply wonderful

7.   Hey Colossus - Radio Static High
These boys have been tagged with the Psych thing a bit but I think they are better than that.  They have a simple flow of blending hardcore with electronica and hard rock.  This album just gets better with every listen.

10.  Gnod - Infinity Machines
Hailing from Salford these enigmatic noise polluters hit what they fucking like with a mix of Krautrock rhythms and unsettling sounds of dissonance.  Some of it makes sense some of it is visceral to another level.

See list here: Soundblab

And Rob Taylor has:

Shit and Shine - 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral
This funky screwball electronic dance manipulation still screws with my mind, in a good way

Hills - Frid 
If I ever lose my sanity, I’m off to Sweden ………….. Where’s the new Goat album ?

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