30 Dec 2015

Jimmy from Teeth of the Sea gives his Cosmic Round-up for Echoes and Dust

It reads:

It’s been another great year for long time Echoes & Dust favourites Teeth Of The Sea with Highly Deadly Black Tarantula was released to great acclaim (#10 in our writers’ Record of the Year poll) and a successful UK tour completed. Richard grabbed a few minutes to chat with their intergalactic riff shredder, Jimmy Martin.

CC: Hi Jimmy, how are you?

JM: Very well thanks! 2015’s been a pretty amazing year, but a bit of a blur – I honestly struggle to remember what happened for most of it – we all managed to cram a lot of mayhem and intrigue in somehow or other, and even now it’s winding down there doesn’t seem to be a spare moment. There haven’t really been enough hours in the day to get everything we wanted done, has been the only problem.

CC: Since the Master album you guys have played massive gigs and have been flying. I thought you’d build on this and get a bit more mainstream but you gave us Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, which is your darkest and most experimental album to date. Explain yourself young man…

JM: I’m not sure we’d know how to go mainstream if we tried. There’s very little rationale to what we do really – we just hammer away and whatever sounds pleasing to us goes down – what happened really in retrospect was that MASTER took ages to make – there was a three year gap between Your Mercury – our second album – and that one, and we wanted to do something a lot more stripped down and concise...

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