1 Dec 2015

Drowned in Sound reviews Oneida – Positions EP

It reads:

Brooklyn’s Oneida have been a force in experimental rock for almost 20 years now and in the last seven or so of those they have really eased into Doing Whatever The Fuck They Want. In 2008 they started their 'Thank Your Parents' album trilogy with Preteen Weaponry, a 45-minute track divided into three sections, followed the next year by the surprisingly-good triple album Rated O and completed in 2011 with the drumless avant-garde drone noise of Absolute II. It has now been three years since their last studio album and the band seem to have mostly content to have engaged in other sorts of ideas and projects. Thus we come to Positions, an EP containing two covers and one new song.

The thing I've always found most admirable about Oneida is their single-minded approach, their unpredictability, their desire to never do the obvious or expected. So if, as the press release concedes, an EP consisting mostly of two covers seems like a bit of a step back for the band, it most emphatically is not...

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