7 Dec 2015

Goat's 'It's time for fun' in Vinyl Factory's 'Singles of the Year'

It reads:

05. Goat – It’s Time For Fun
(Rocket Recordings)

If Fela Kuti hooked up with Can for an ayahuasca ritual in Swedish hinterland, the shamanic initiation ceremony would surely be lead by masked minstrels Goat. Following 2014’s outernational Commune, the band sneaked out this limited 7” in autumn this year. It might be compact but it does the psychonautic job in little over eight minutes flat. Raw as ever, the A-side shares some of that downtown grit, a restrained, hypnotic groove for covering yourself in glitter and feathers and wigging out in a field. ‘Relax’ as the dreamy, Saharan antidote on the flip.

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