14 Dec 2015

Chris from Rocket gives his Cosmic Round-up for Echoes and Dust

Following Joe from Hey Colossus, Chris has also been asked by Cosmic Collins to give his Cosmic Round-up:

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt8 – Chris Reeder from Rocket Recordings

Hey Colossus (x2), Teeth of the Sea, Hills, Shit and Shine… it’s been another incredible year for Rocket Recordings. At Echoes and Dust we simply adore this label and can’t wait to find out what they are going to throw at us next year. Rich had a chat with Chris Reeder from the label and it looks like he forgot to ask him how he was and went right into the questions… HOW RUDE! Enjoy!

CC: Goat are obviously massive. Hey Colossus and Teeth of the Sea appear to be on their way too, is the label now bigger than you ever thought it would be?

CR: To be honest, we don’t feel any different to how we have ever done…it is still just John and myself doing ‘everything’ from the band A&R, sleeve design, accounts, admin, live visuals, etc etc. Plus we both still have to take on freelance design work to help make ends meet. So we don’t feel like a big label at all.

But we have heard people refer to us as this big and important label which is very flattering to hear. At the end of the day it is people who buy our records we all have to thank for our success as if they didn’t believe in the music we have released in our 18 years of existence then we wouldn’t still be here!

CC: What other labels in the UK do you admire?...

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