3 Dec 2015

Gnoomes interview in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone (Russia) have written a piece on their countries best band' Gnoomes'.
Read what they say here: Rolling Stone

Or if you can't read Russian a rough translation reads:

German autobahns , shoegaze and BBC Radio 6 Music in life Gnoomes

Followers characters shoegaze like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, German Krautrock and Deerhunter, the guys from the group Gnoomes recently returned from a tour in his native Eastern Perm , from which from RS contacted a soloist Sasha collective drinking. "In general , we still have not decided how to pronounce the name of the group - says Sasha . - In the English-speaking environment " Gnums " sounds fine, but in the best Russian " Gnoms ." The group The Doors do not call " Durs ."

P'yankov himself in the music of 4 years , for which you need to say thank you to him educator of kindergarten , I noticed that Sasha copes with the song Yevgeny Aspen " Crying girl in the machine ." As a student , he eagerly began to listen to the music , which previously did not know that a couple of years to meet with Pasha Fedoseyev (drums ) , and together with him to play at weddings and perform covers in one of the Permian pubs every weekend for two years . Suppose that was hard, but the guys were trying not to lose heart , accompanying speech active consumption of beer . " Once we went to play in a place where I finally fell asleep . Dude put me in a cart and went down the mountain , and then the next two months , I spoke with a plaster on his leg " - cheerfully says Sasha .

Together with Sasha and Pasha plays guitar in the band Dima . According Pyankova trio - ideal scheme for their staff . When they recorded the first tracks , no one counted on much success, because everything was done only for himself and his friends .
However, getting a good response , they decided to try to send their songs to soundcloud- page music bloggers , which eventually led them to the BBC Radio 6 Music , and a tour of eastern Europe , which left a lot of impressions .

Most liked Gnoomes Leipzig : the weather in the German university town was excellent and the organization of events turned out to be at a high level , to the extent that the promoter personally took out bikes for Perm. "In Wroclaw, Poland people at a concert was not enough. There were elections , which were won by the Communists , and it's like a huge tragedy for the Poles . In the main square all went overlapped , "- says Pasha , who because of the tight concert schedule still can not write a thesis.

Gnoomes returned after a concert in the Baltic States , the Czech Republic , Germany and Poland back to Perm not too readily : in their hometown tugovato with people who need this sort of music , so guys appear there again in a month or two , fully engaged in the organization .

Sasha talked about the warm studio for rehearsals , imbued with the spirit of the seventies , they received thanks to guitarist Dima , worked as a leading radio "Russia" . But even with more admiration he talks about a trip to the German Autobahn , "We listened to the last album of Steve Hauschild , drove full under a full moon , and behind us were the windmills . It remained close my eyes and fly away. What I am quite honestly tried to do . "