13 Sep 2018

The Quietus review Josefin Öhrn and GNOD at Fuzz Club's Eindhoven fest

They say:

Josefin Öhrn, who follows on the main stage, proves that there’s still room to stretch the possibilities. Öhrn stands centre stage, silhouetted by lights and surrounded in smoke, rooted to the spot as she and her band produce a sweet, glistening sonic sweep. It’s gentle, but somehow still powerful, never soft or easy but uplifting and transporting. She is the first to prove that psychedelia’s light is far from extinguished.

GNOD’s R&D set, meanwhile, is a colossal, searing tsunami of outrageously loud noise, crashing again and again with merciless intensity that’s enough to make the Effenaar’s foundations creak.

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