3 Sep 2018

Kalporz reviews Lay Lamas album Thuban

They say:

Being Italian in these times can not always be a delight. The cross that falls upon us comes from a vulgar populist vision that in the eyes of the world makes us look like a crazed flock that has forgotten the efforts of our ancestors; efforts to make our country a place that mixes (goes) cultures. The domain that becomes a source of ideas, of exchange, of globalization (not capitalistic but artistic). Precisely in art, someone tries to rebel against this narrow vision and produces music that embraces the world.

Lay Llamas , Nicola Giunta's musical project is all this but also something more. First of all, it is a disc created in the Italico underground that has lately been giving us great satisfaction to our listeners. A subsoil that is increasingly struggling to emerge precisely because of those people who have transformed the meaning of "Art" into "Making Part". A place, music, where what you see is more important than what you hear; where being part of something is more important than the thing itself. Fortunately, those who say no (and it is not Vasco in this case)...

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