11 Sep 2018

Introducing Gnoomes Fest

Excited to announce that Gnoomes have announced Gnoomes Fest – a one day event in their home city of Perm in Russia.

Gnoomes Fest
22 September. 17.00. 
Venue: Smoky Dog 
3000 K
GNOOMES, Half Moon Glass
Secret Guest DJ’s

Event Page


The band say this about the event:

We asked ourselves a question: are we able to bring the community up and organise such kind of event?

Speaking of cultural life, things are getting worse these days in our native city, nothing’s going much to our ears and eyes, except one or two big festivals where you’ll never meet a small local band, who wants to say something. 

To make a long story short we don’t have a scene with experimental music and we feel that time has come to dive deeply into this ocean of music and to share the moment with the Perm audience. 

The key idea of the festival lies on the DIY concept: we do everything on our own. We met many people during the last 10 years who are able to do a design, who works as a mixing engineer, who works as a boss at the taproom etc. It means we’re gonna do many things together: open new names, promote them, decorate a stage and finally consume it! That’s what GNOOMES FEST is about