13 Sep 2018

MIEN reveal stunning video for new single (I'm tired of) Western Shouting

MIEN have just revealed this rather special video for track '(I'm tired of) Western Shouting'. The band are releasing the track as a single on Friday 21 September.

The director of the video, the extremely talented Juanma Carrillo said this about the film

"When I thought about the title of the song and the lyrics , I quickly envisioned violent images, like a mother killing her son for fear. For me he was complicated to find a reel idea for criticism the actual politics of the power, money, racism * trump!, so talking with a good friend, we thought about the idea of a terrible game.

The idea to change guns for Phones, was too, the perfect excuse to put the terrible importance of social networks, smartphones, and finally the loss of the identity around the world, and how in a short time, the future can be very scary.

Maybe in some decades we can sell our souls, or our images to big brands....well i tried to do something with all of these ideas. I wanted to do it all simple, without real visual effects and try to tell the story with the faces of the actors instead.I shot in a really Important business area, where, the underground you can find many homeless, prostitutes, discos, wires, ,and many strange things..."


Next week the band start the first of 4 shows in Europe and a Festival in Toronto. The line-up of players for the euro dates is a bit special:

Alex Mass (The Black Angels)
Tom Furse (The Horrors)
Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone)
John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies)
Thor Harris (Swans)
Rob Kidd (Golden Dawn Arkestra)

The dates are:

Fri 21 Sept  / London, UK / Moth Club  Tickets
Sat 22 Sept  / Angers, France / Levitation Festival  Tickets
Mon 24 Sept / Paris, France / Le Cafe de la Danse  Tickets
Tue 25 Sept / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Melkweg  Tickets
27-30 Sept  / Toronto, Canada / Night Owl Festival Tickets