21 Sep 2018

Into Creative reviews GNOD's Chapel Perilous

They say:

Chapel Perilous || GNOD

The Salford collective returns with an album inspired by Robert Anton Wilson’s book “Cosmic Trigger” that describes a state where failure to know whether a situation is created by the supernatural or reality and the psychological distress that brings.

If there was ever a theme that sums up what we are facing at the moment then it is this. The opener Donavan’s Daughter is a fifteen minute epic that has more aural changes than most bands back catalogues.

Just when you think you have past peak storm they hit you with a change that has the force of sleeping in a jet engine.

A force that sees your insides shake so violently that the next three tracks with their bleak dystopian scaffolding pole percussion, taped or whispered spoken word and the sound of industrial machinery being slowly tortured to death in a dark hidden disused warehouse are an abstract comfort.

As the klaxon from hell towards the end of ‘A Body’ signals the start of the riff heavy partisan bass of ‘Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down’ I can’t help believe that this is the soundtrack of post- Brexit Scotland and that we all should hail Gnod.

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