1 Jun 2018

Some nice appreciation for Rocket bands in The Quietus piece on New Weird Britain at Supersonic Festival

Some love for Housewives and Gnod in this great piece:

What Is New Weird Britain? A Guide To The UK Underground In 2018 

As we get ready for this year's Supersonic Festival, Noel Gardner, John Doran and Luke Turner present their takes on what the underground we're calling New Weird Britain constitutes, from anti-corporate defiance, performance art, and a bold new exploration of landscape and place

Over the past year or so you might have noticed a new term cropping up on The Quietus: New Weird Britain. What is this, you might well ask? Here is an answer, of sorts. In truth, as John Doran says in his short essay below, the term is a slippery one. It was originally coined as the title for Noel Gardner's Noel's Foul House column back in 2017 but then, with apologies to Noel, John and I have run with the term to apply it to other aspects of what we consider to be the gloriously fertile underground scene in the UK

We don't need to tell you that in the decade since we launched The Quietus the way we discover and consume music has been changed beyond all recognition. If you look at how our editorial has changed since 2008 we've certainly headed in more esoteric directions as what was once the independent music that lurked on the edges of the mainstream became unsustainable. It was replaced by a new form of MOR characterised by the millennial whoop and soundtracking the sorrowful aftermath of chlamydia acquisition trips to Croatian beach festivals. In that dull climate an counter underground has emerged to create music against the odds and in defiance of the modern notion that art is only valid if it produces financial return, or has 'synergy' with some mundane brand. These three essays then are an attempt to capture what New Weird Britain is to Noel, John and I, focussing on artists playing this year's Supersonic Festival (they're also being published in the festival programme). Supersonic is without doubt one of the key incubators for so many of the artists of New Weird Britain, and a vital node of communication, sharing of ideas, and mutual support. The Quietus salutes the work of Lisa Meyer and her team at Capsule....

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