26 Jun 2018

Distorsioni reviews Lay Llamas album Thuban

It says:

There was a lot of waiting in the underground psychedelic scene for the return of Lay Llamas of Nicola Giunta , which saw the departure of co-founder Joel Valenti ( JUJU ) that in recent years has become a guarantee for European neo-psychedelic field. The Sicilian musician four years after his debut at home Rocket Recordings  "Østro"  introduces new coordinates for his sound journey, because in the imagination of Lay Llamas music is synonymous with travel through time and space, a bridge between ancestral eras and future: the guide to this musical trip is precisely " Thuban" , Arabic word for "dragon, snake" but also one of the names of Alpha Draconis, which between 4000 and 2000 ac passed through our skies as a polar star. So a journey that in search of a metaphorical polar star touches the Mediterranean coast to transit in equatorial Africa and move towards pristine alien landscapes, as you can guess from the initial and mysterious Eye-Chest People's Dance Ritual , a diaphanous electro-pop filtered from a kraut sensibility that re-proposes itself in the Holy Afro-pop of Holy Worms , under the sign of hypnotic reiteration...

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