26 Jun 2018

Kalporz 'big-ups' Bonnacons of Dooms solo album

They say:

This here is a record I had been waiting for months and that in the end did not disappoint the expectations and proves even more surprising and spectacular than I expected. Bonnacons of Doom is the first eponymous LP of an experimental collective of mysterious musicians (during their live performances, which are practically a kind of dramatic theatrical performances according to a devotional style to classical culture) from the Lancashire and Yorkshire region. they chose Liverpool as their base of operations. If this description before description can even remotely make you think of the Goats, you are not completely out of the way: although the sound is different,

Their conception of the ritual as well as of psychedelia, as can be seen listening to the record (composed of practically five long tracks), is different from that of the Goats. Meanwhile, for the kind of sounds, which here have no connection with that free-form almost "Zappiana" nor much less references to the sound of the African continent: the music developed in the album has a distorted, noisy, noise and surrounded by a certain shamanism drone and post-industrial that lets imagine future rituals of the future and superstitions like those that surround the Mycogen sector on Trantor, the imperial planet of the imaginary of many science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov.

Recorded at the Suburban Home Studios of Hookworms (MJ) frontman in Leeds in just one session and with members of Mugstar, Forest Swords, members of the Jarvis Cocker band and Youthmovies, this record could only come out on Rocket Recordings (surely one of the labels that is never afraid to dare) and if it gives me so much, I know that hardly can not be for fans of the psychedelic genre, one of the records of the year. If they continue to be so surprising in the future, we'll see, but for now it's all right.

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