12 Jun 2018

Psych Insight reviews Lay Llamas album Thuban

It reads:

It seems a long time since I was grooving to the distinctive beat of ‘Østro’, the Lay Llamas first album for Rocket Recordings. That was at the label’s showcase night at the 2014 Liverpool Psych Fest, a night that I described at the time as  “the very pinnacle of my live music experience“: a statement that I stand by nearly four years later. The Lay Llamas set convinced me to buy that album, which has had regular plays on the Psych Insight turntable ever since. I have always liked how it seems to contain many influences without being beholden to them. It seems to drift in its own little cloud, and has retained its own unique appeal for me.

There have been other Lay Llamas releases since then, but none for me have quite matched that moment in time that ‘Østro’ did: until now that is. However, the only thing that that collective have in common with the current group is central character Nicola Giunta, who has assembled a new set of musicians (twelve contribute here) to produce ‘Thuban’...

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