11 Jun 2018

Dance of Architecture reviews Gnod's Chapel Perilous

Roughly translated, they say:

Yes you have to talk about GNOD. It's a moral obligation. If I do not speak of GNOD, I do not see what is the purpose of this blog.

Yet, at first glance, it's just a rehash of the old school Swans. Yes but no.

The first track is based on this satanic triton accord, dissonance max, groovy drums, it's CAN mixed with SWANS, and there's this guy who tells stuff, I do not understand much but it looks like a program policy. It's a political group, yes, like MC5. It's CAN VS SWANS VS MC5. The guitars do not caress the ears in the direction of the lashes it is clear, they seem to look for something else, like a start, as a manifestation of will, they have a program that could perhaps be summarized to these few lines drawn from The Outside Zone: 1) unconditional freedom of life forces; 2) willingness to create; 3) exaltation of the multiplicity of thoughts, perceptions and feelings, therefore, of the non-conforming, the non-standard and the subversive which are its condition; 4) Vitality.

The singer screams "there's no space for me" it's one of the few things I can understand in the middle of this volcanic eruption. No space is unfortunately the condition of the alienated modern man, he has no place either around him or in his head. Open space is a beautiful program I find. So GNOD proposes to make fart some physical and mental barriers with electric eruptions. A good big ultra high temperature flow that aims to dissolve everything that gene, blocks, clutters. In other words, it is music ram, it is needed nowadays it is true, to tell the truth it has always been needed. This violence is legitimate, useful and Dharma compliant. It does not hurt anyone, it's the same order as blowing your nose, making pumps or splitting wood: high concentration of energy and expulsion...

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