18 Apr 2017

The Sleeping Shaman review - Necro Deathmort ‘The Capsule'

The Sleeping Shaman review - Necro Deathmort The Capsule:

Necro Deathmort said it themselves; they don’t give a single fuck. “We’ve stopped caring that each new release might alienate fans of a previous record” is what Matthew Rozeik says on their bandcamp page. That is undoubtedly a big part of what has allowed himself and A. J. Cookson to evolve the sound of Necro Deathmort so freely, rapidly, and utterly over their seven years together.

The Capsule is Necro Deathmort‘s twelfth release and in some ways it feels like a logical progression from last year’s EP3 but it’s more cohesive than that. In fact, it is possibly the most cohesive thing Necro Deathmort have ever put out because The Capsule is essentially the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist. And it’s a brilliant film; at times claustrophobic, at times apeirophobic, it’s a bleak yet moving sci-fi masterpiece, every single shot of which is beamed directly into the mind’s eye via the ears....

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