3 Apr 2017

Get Into This reviews Gnoomes Tschak!

It reads:

Well it wouldn’t be Album Club without something from Rocket Recordings, probably our most consistently excellent label and certainly a favourite here at Getintothis. This month’s offering is Gnoomes who have produced a striking and contrasting follow up to 2015’s excellent Ngan.

The Russians’ previous four song album was bookended by two protracted suites of music that locked into sweepingly cinematic stargaze vistas. Tschak! by contrast feels bolder and looser. More experimental, broader in the scope of its ambition.

This isn’t an extreme reinvention, the blend of synth-heavy krautrock, psychedelia and shoegaze wanderlust remain present and correct. Yet it’s the directions that the band take this in that define this remarkable record.

Opener Super Libido Awake is a phased, fuzz-laden lollop of rhythmic discordancy that builds relentlessly with the merest hint of sun-dappled melody shining through the cracks. It works as an intro yet Maria offers an immediate and surprising mood change...

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