5 Apr 2017

Get into this reviews Hey Colossus live at Threshold Festival

It reads:

It was time to get down and abysmally dirty with festival headliner Hey Colossus. As the feedback rose, it felt as if something vital like gravity or oxygen drained from the room and the six-piece began to dismantle the District stage as they tore into their set. Frontman Paul Sykes’ voice is somewhere between a Nick Cave sneer and a King Buzzo bark, but by the end of their psych-noise dispatch, he’s gone full-on Matt Berninger wine-fuelled cyclone, nearly twatting the front row with a flailing mic stand. Three guitars and bass onstage provides volume to burn, but also near-ceaseless melody, even through the vicious riff of a new song from their shortly to be released new album The Guillotine.

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