25 Apr 2017

God is in the TV reviews Flowers Must Die

It reads:

Kompost is a kaleidoscope of colour and noise. This latest release by Flowers Must Die, ahead of their UK dates, gives a fizzy appetiser of their live performance. It radiates group gaiety in swirling shapes and occasional shadows. A band of six, Flowers Must Die take full advantage of this range and variety. Kompost is eclectic and communal. The members are by turn individuals, pairs, a finely tuned unit. They change places, appear and disappear. Then get swallowed up by psychedelic sunshine.

So much of psyche music is about the art of sustaining a particular effect and emotion. Kompost is at its best on the longer tracks which are both immersive and diverse. The tracks are split between those that are in their native Scandinavian and those that are in English. Although from a semantic point of view this has little bearing on the listener. After an extended intro, ‘Kalla Till Ovisshet’ builds to an electric frenzy not unlike those generated by Loop. An instrumental opening, it is like the starter in a Futurist meal...

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