3 Nov 2016

Mutual Grimness interviews Alex Macarte from Gnod, AHRKH etc

It  reads:

Alex Macarte on music for healing, meditation, consciousness, Gnod, AHRKH, ÅRABROT and British politics
The longest, the most difficult and the most inspiring interview I have done so far. Yes, it is very long, yet totally worth reading from A to Z. Alex Macarte is known for GNOD, Manatees, Arabrot, AHRKH (and AHRKH with Mark Wagner) to name but a few. So many projects allows him to take music to a next level… a level where music is a channel, it alters and heals you… We talked about GNOD, their collaboration with Surgeon, upcoming Roadburn shows, The Islington Mill, touring… We discussed meditation, spirituality, religion and immigration politics…we touched upon personal matters such as Alex’s hearing damage, modular synth accident at Supernormal festival, love and marriage. Read this and see for yourself - Alex’s creative potential is enormous, serving a much-needed inspiration for many of us. I feel blessed I had a chance to explore music and profound questions of existence with him here at Mutual Grimness….

Read the rest here: Mutual Grimness