11 Nov 2016

Kuro S/T debut album released today

We are excited to announce that Kuro's S/T debut album is released today.

You can buy direct from us: Rocket
Or from all good record shops.

"It is forebodingly droning chamber music, with a pinch of Alice Coltrane sprinkled here and there, with eerie fluttering sounds lurking in its undergrowth which will make you think of crippled ravens." The Quietus

"In a year that has seen so many fantastic albums 'KURO' still stands out as one of the best. It is a sublimely beautiful and intense experience." Dayz of Purple and Orange

The band are going to be on tour with fellow Rocket band H.U.M (and their offshoot zOH/) in November, dates are:

H.U.M / KURO / AYN SOF (Paddy from Gnod)
18-20 November / Geneva, Monstre Festival 

21 November / Zurich, Boschbar 

KURO / zOH/ / Cheval Scintillantes
22 November / Basel, Klappfon at Flatterschafft 
23 November / Bienne, sacred hood at Le Salopard
25 November / Lyon, Le bal des Fringants
26 November / Saint-Etienne, le 17
27 November / Clermont-Ferrand, Raymond Bar
28 November Saint-Aignan, ZZ HQ