3 Nov 2016

Kuro and Goat reviews in Quietus psych rock column

It reads:

Has Helen Money failed to satisfy your appetite for brain-squelching neo-classical psych/noise gubbins? Then let Dr Moores prescribe you extra medication. Kuro are French violinist Agathe Max and Bristol's Gareth Turner whose name you'll no doubt recognise from his work in Anthroprophh and Big Naturals. If your favourite section of any given Godspeed You! Black Emperor symphony is the muscle-tightening tension that precedes the predictable explosive climax, then this tastefully uncrescendoing morsel will be right up your street. It is forebodingly droning chamber music, with a pinch of Alice Coltrane sprinkled here and there, with eerie fluttering sounds lurking in its undergrowth which will make you think of crippled ravens. The long winter nights are setting in. "Kuro" is Japanese for black. All is decay. Stick this on. Traipse through dead leaves in the snow. Gradually lose your way. Twist your ankle. Freeze to death in a forest.

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KURO album launch shows are this weekend, dates shown on poster above.

And you can preorder their debut album here: Rocket